Recovering Your Health

Detoxification, Rejuvenation & Regeneration

We offer holistic purification therapies to assist the rehab recovery community to reduce relapse rates and to improve the physical & mental health of their clients.

People in recovery have been taking anti-depressants, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety), bipolar and pain medications, and other addictive substances, some for years, even decades.

Any why are they called addictive?

In part it’s because in the beginning medications helped with the relief of symptoms yet over time side-effects developed. 

They tried stopping but they couldn’t.

Their symptoms of withdrawal were now worse than the symptoms they had before starting medication.

So why side-effects and withdrawals?

The organs of the body which break down, filter and excrete foreign chemicals (drugs, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) have become overwhelmed and cannot perform their duty any longer.

Thus these chemical residues continue to circulate in the blood and lymph and eventually enter the interior of all the cells of the body and brain.

Regarding the interior of cells, what happens to their delicate inner workings?

Their function declines and leads to symptoms or side effects; fatigue, neurological symptoms, insomnia, moodiness, apathy and desire for solitude, indigestion, blood sugar dysregulation and more.

And when these symptoms arise, what is the next most common step?

More OTC and prescriptions to counteract these symptoms.

After awhile people begin to wake up and realize this approach of treating side effects with more chemicals is a dead end.

But when people are determined to withdraw they become stuck with all these ‘side-effect’ symptoms.


Because the cells, which have become like a trash can, are still full of residues.

So what is the most logical, most common sense approach to reducing symptoms and to accelerate the function of all the cells of the body in order to restore health?

Well, obviously it is to excrete these residues from our body.

But there is an additional issue here besides just toxic residues.

Not only are cells compromised because of stored residues.

For a number of reasons they have become depleted of the nutrients they need to drive the engines within the cells called the mitochondria.

Why are they nutrient deficient?

Because most drugs interfere with the digestion of food and if a food is not completely digested then nutrients will only be partially absorbed.

And besides, what person going through recovery has the desire, inclination and energy to prepare nutritious meals?

For each individual we know this presents a very complex situation but to simplify, there are a few fundamental approaches which must be taken to support the health goals of our clients and to greatly minimize their risk of relapse.

1. Improve their nutritional status by bathing every cell of the body with vital nutrients (nutrient dense foods, enzymes, juices).

2. Use purification therapies to encourage the primary pathways of detoxification (colon, lymph, skin) using Lymphatic Hydrotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy and saunas.

3. Use supplements and herbs to nourish and improve these detox pathways.

4. Reestablish a healthy gut ecology using probiotics and herbs to reduce Candida, bacteria and parasites in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy.

5. Encourage rest and relaxation

Juice Cleanse


We’ve already covered the issue with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food and how one primary cause of symptoms and recovery is cellular nutrient deficiencies resulting in symptoms due to suboptimal cellular function.

So besides digestive enzymes, increasing the nutrient quality of foods and improving the ecology of the gut how can we more easily deliver nutrients to cells and tissues?

The answer is nutrients in liquid form.

We suggest fresh organic juices yet many of the clients we support during their recovery don’t have the time or energy to juice.

So we’ve chosen a high nutrient dense powder to be mixed with spring water which makes compliance easy.

There are many companies making vegetable and fruit powders but only one uses a low heat dehydration extraction process which preserves heat sensitive nutrients and enzymes which are vital for purification.

Enzymes help with blood purification and since they are assimilated directly into the lymph will also help to change the swamp into a river.

For purification we do not advise juice fasting for a number of reasons.

A juice or liquid cleanse will stimulate the release of toxic residues too rapidly and since the pathways of detoxification are compromised in most people they are unable to clear these residues efficiently resulting in a crisis.

Juice prepared from our powdered product is definitely part of the program yet nutritious meals are essential.

Most of the time we recommend having animal protein at least twice daily along with as much fresh, organic, raw vegetables to suit a person’s appetite.

Other modification can be made for each individual.



When residues are circulating through the blood and lymph the body shunts them into cells, especially those which are least important, namely fat cells.

As with other cells, these residues cause the activity or metabolic rate of fat cells to decline.  This is why weight gain and therefore weight loss is so difficult to deal with.

Most of these toxic-burdened fat cells are just under the skin called the subdermal fat layer and the easiest way for these residues to exit is through the skin.

Saunas are the supreme purification therapy to sweat out these toxins, this being a more efficient and effective way compared with detoxifying them internally through the other detox pathways (liver and kidneys).

The benefits of our walk-in dry sauna versus the infrared is that heat to the skin is superficial while infrared penetrates deeper and causes toxins to be released into the body.

We want them to be flushed out through the skin and not flushed internally.

One way to synergize the benefits of the sauna is to alternate with a cool shower. Our shower stall right next to the sauna has a large overhead bucket which is automatically filled with cold water.  Pull the rope and experience a cold waterfall.

Hot sauna, brief cool shower, hot sauna, brief cool shower, etc.

With external heat the body directs blood to the skin, attempting to cool the body.

Since external heat is high in the sauna sweat pores eventually open with the idea that sweat will evaporate and cool the body.

When a person steps out of the sauna and enters a cool shower the body’s response to cold is the opposite to heat.

With cold, blood is shunted to the body’s core attempting to warm it and at the same time to oxygenate it.

This alternating hot and cold has two distinct benefits.

When reentering the sauna after the cool shower the body will shunt this oxygenated blood back to the skin and a new surge of toxins will be released.

The other benefit is that some people cannot tolerate too much heat so the intermittent cool shower helps the person to continue with sauna therapy for a longer period of time.

Saunas are one of the most important and beneficial therapies we offer to support clients with their recovery..

constitutional hydrotherapy 2

Lymphatic Hydrotherapy

Toxic residues are found in three separate fluid compartments within the body; inside our cells, in our blood stream and in the fluid which bathes all our tissues called the lymph or extracellular matrix.

The primary purification therapy to drain this lymph fluid is Lymphatic Hydrotherapy, sometimes referred to as Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

This is an old time Naturopathic treatment which has been practiced in Europe and the United States for over 50 years.

It is a simple and highly effective therapy using the application of hot and cold compresses to the chest and back along with sine wave stimulation which causes muscles to gently contract and relax while activating the lymphatic pump.

During and after this therapy lymph fluid drains through two channels into the blood stream with toxins then being cleared by the liver and kidneys.

Most people’s lymph system is like a swamp and Lymphatic Hydrotherapy helps drain this swamp so it becomes like a river.  This improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and the extraction of toxins from tissues.

It’s one thing to assist cells to release toxic residues but if these toxins are simply dumped into the swamp of the lymph they will never be completely cleared from the body.

One additional note: We also use two 8 minute cycles of the Bemer during this therapy.

The Bemer opens the capillary beds which does two things: It increases the delivery of oxygen to tissues and also helps to drain stored waste and toxins from these same tissues.

colon hydrotherapy salt lake city

Colon Hydrotherapy & Gut Ecology

Jay Pashrika, M.D., director of the John Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology recognizes the inherent relationship between the brain and what’s called the Enteric Nervous System or 2nd brain consisting of more than 100 million nerve cells lining the gut.

There is a direct feedback mechanism between the brain and the gut with each influencing the other.

Therefore gut health is essential for brain health and vice versa.

Improve gut health and you improve the workings of a highly intricate and sophisticated brain.

If these gut neurons are not functioning optimally due to accumulated residues and toxins this will negatively impact brain hormone production.

Ask anyone suffering from an overgrowth of yeast or Candida in the gut often due to the overuse of antibiotics.  Their most common frustrations are brain fog, apathy and mood swings.

There is also the good gut bacteria known as the microbiota.  A great deal of research has focused on the relationship between this microbiota and brain neurotransmitters.

In 2013 Gastroenterology published a research article by Dr. Mayer.  Using brain scans to monitor responses to various stimuli the group which ingested probiotics to improve gut microbes had greatly improved brain chemistry experiencing less anxiety and depression.

It makes common sense then if we can decrease the population of yeast, parasites and bad bacteria in the gut, we will feel better physically and mentally.

If we also excrete and detoxify chemical residues from this Enteric Nervous System this would also improve our health.

There’s another important thing to mention related to residues in the intestines.

Remember, toxic residues are found in the body, lymph and cells.

When our cells excrete these residues they enter the lymph which then dumps them into the blood stream.

This means that all residues coming from our cells and lymph must be broken down to either be cleared by the liver or the kidneys.

Those metabolized toxins from the liver then pass into the gall bladder which makes them more water soluble.

From the gall bladder they pass into the small intestines and must then travel through the entire intestinal tract.

Some of these toxins will be absorbed back into the body, so the faster we can move them through the intestines the better.

All the above are the reasons why Colon Hydrotherapy along with appropriate supplements is one of the main keys to recovery.

Daily treatments along with other purification therapies ensure the decreased risk of relapse and the recovery of health and vitality.

Darkfield microscope 1

Darkfield Microscope

As part of the program we include a half hour session to view a drop of blood under a microscope.

We examine red and white blood cells, the level of debris in the blood which may indicate poor liver function and a lack of enzymes, as well as the level of possible pathogens.

The darkfield is done prior to and after the program as one way to assess results.

This does not tell us what nutrients you are lacking nor does it offer any diagnosis.

It is simply an objective way of viewing a person’s overall level of toxicity.

The darkfield is your first appointment and at this time you will receive instructional handouts, supplements to start in preparation for your week of purification and your schedule.

You will also receive a tour of our facility.

Supplement powders


To support and synergize your week during the purification therapies we provide the following supplements:

1.  A very high quality probiotic composed of soil bacteria, the most common beneficial bacteria deficiency in our population due to antibiotics.

2.  A powdered supplement of the highest quality as a substitute for fresh juice which includes:

8 organic super foods

Antioxidants from fruits and herbs, including grape seed, curcumin, citrus fruits, berries and more

A blend of 10 diverse probiotic strains

Naturally occurring plant fiber and enzymes

Vitamin C sourced from organic acerola cherry

3.  A capsule supplement specially designed to improve mitochondrial function which includes the follow:

Thiamin Vitamin B-1 50mg

Vitamin B-2 as riboflavin-5-Phosphate 10mg

B-3 as Niacinamide 5mg

B-6 as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate 5mg

B-12 as Methylcobalamin 2000mcg

Magnesium Creatine Chelate 100mg

Manganese Glycinate Chelate 500mcg

Creatine MagnaPower® Magnesium Creatine Chelate 550mg

L-Carnitine (as Fumarate) 200mg

Fumaric Acid (from L-Carnitine Fumarate) 150mg

D-Ribose 100mg

Malic Acid 100mg

Succinic Acid 100mg

Natural Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 100mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg

Resveratrol from 200 mg (Polygonum cuspidatum)(root) 100mg

Curcumin C3 Complex® 100mg

Pantethine 50mg

4.  Another powder designed for purification which includes;

Artichoke Leaf

Barberry Root

Dandelion Leaf

Gentian Root

Milk Thistle Seed

Rosemary Leaf

Schizandra Berries

Turmeric Root

Yellow Dock Root

All the above will be provided after your initial darkfield appointment.


In Summary

To summarize, here are the purification therapies we offer over the five days, starting Monday and finishing on Friday.

1. Lymphatic Hydrotherapy

Move and drain the lymph.  We’ve got to clear the toxins from the lymph so cells and tissues can more easily excrete their internal toxic residues.

2.  Colon Hydrotherapy

Remember that toxins in the lymph flow into the blood stream and are then processed by the liver and dumped into the intestines.  We therefore need to get the toxins to exit as quickly as possible to prevent re-absorption.
Colon Hydrotherapy is the second step in clearing toxic residues from the body.

3.  Saunas

The sauna alternating with cool showers will sweat out toxins stored in fat cells.

Each of the above therapies takes approximately one hour.

Here’s the schedule;

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Lymphatic Hydrotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy & Sauna

Tuesday & Thursday: Lymphatic Hydrotherapy & Sauna

You will receive more information about preparing for your purification sessions in your instructional booklet.

The total cost for the two dard-field microscope sessions, five days of purification therapies and all the supplements is $800.

Natural Medicine

What We Are Not

We are not a drug rehab center.

We are an out-patient, not an in-patient facility.

We support rehab centers who understand the importance of purification and how these therapies reduce relapse rates for their clients.

We offer purification therapies along with supplements to enhance their benefits.

If you are using prescription and other drugs we suggest being in a rehab program.

Once you have been clear you can then use our services to improve your health and to reduce the risk of relapse.

If you have weaned off medications on your own or have already completed a rehab program but are still struggling with symptoms then our program would suit you well.

The number of weeks recommended for our purification program depends upon a number of factors:

1. The length of time you were taking medications and drugs

2. The health of your detoxification pathways (liver, kidneys & colon)

3. Your present overall health

4. Your past and present nutritional habits

5. Other medications you are taking (thyroid, other hormones, cortisone, etc.)

6. Other health related concerns (dental infections, mercury fillings, Lyme, previous surgical complications, concussions, past and present exposure to environmental toxins including mold, chemicals and volatile organic compounds).

7. Your ability to follow our dietary guidelines

Any other advice regarding thyroid hormones, blood sugar dysregulation, adrenal fatigue, male and female hormones, treatment of chronic infections, digestive disturbances including leaky gut, SIBO and enzyme deficiencies, and chronic pain to mention but a few must be separately scheduled with Dr. Haskell.

He will not be available to discuss any health issues when you come in for your purification program unless you have an appointment to see him.

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