NAD Cleanse

NAD Amino Acid IV Therapy

While NAD IV Therapy has many applications for chronic conditions related to mitochondrial dysfunction this page focuses on recovering from the following;

– Prescription Drug Addictions

– Illicit or Street Drug Addictions

– Long term side effects from drugs which remain after cessation

Most in- and out-patient facilities try to taper people off drugs while using one-on-one or group talk therapy sessions but seldom has anyone asked the following questions;

‘Are there drug residues stuck in all the cells of your body that are causing physical and mental symptoms which makes it almost impossible to feel mentally and physically healthy and vital again?’

‘Do you have underlying biochemical and hormonal imbalances that have not been discovered, that if corrected could make it much easier to taper and to feel well and healthy again?’

‘Did you have biochemical and hormonal issues before starting the prescription or drug that your physician did not thoroughly investigate that could have prevented the need to take a prescription in the first place?’

‘Might part of your problem be nutrient deficiencies leading to a variety of physical and mental symptoms?’

Although NAD IV Therapy is very effective in getting off drugs and correcting long-term side effects, if underlying biochemical and hormonal issues still exist then benefits will be compromised and the risk of relapse does exist.

Lab Tests

Lab Testing: The First Important Step

It is essential to understand each person’s unique biochemistry.

To do this it’s important to do a very comprehensive lab workup;

William Walsh Protocol:
-Over and Undermethylation determined by blood histamine levels
-Pyrroluria (detects zinc, B6 and other nutrient deficiencies)
-Blood Copper
-Blood Zinc

Thyroid Hormones:
-Free T4
-Free T3
-Reverse T3

Blood Sugar Dysregulation:
-Fasting Glucose
-Glycocylated Hemoglobin (HA1c) to find your average blood sugar over the last 3 months

Female Hormones if warranted:

Vitamin D

Liver Function

Kidney Function

Metabolic Panel

Lipid (Cholesterol) Panel

All the above are absolutely essential.

We do not accept any client for NAD IV Therapy without these tests since our goal is to do everything we can for you to succeed.

Once the labs are complete you will be scheduled for an hour with Dr. Haskell to review your results.

During this visit he will also investigate the possibility of a low-grade silent infection by viewing a drop of your blood under a microscope.

Low-grade infections lead to a wide variety of symptoms and can be another reason for why you might have been prescribed medications.

Unless this potential infection is cleared and all hormonal and biochemical imbalances are corrected then you will not experience the full benefits of the NAD IV Therapy.

A nutritional program based upon your lab results and symptoms will also be provided.

Nurse Preparing I.V.

Nurse Preparing I.V.

NAD Formulas & Purification

There are four NAD formulas to choose from and the one selected will be based primarily upon your drug history.

NAD IVs are given in succession over a 10 day period, always starting on a Monday.

Usually the weekend is skipped so Monday through Friday are devoted to the first 5 IVs and then the next Monday through Friday for the second 5 IVs.

The first few IVs are challenging because the body is dealing with drug residues being excreted from all the cells of the body, so it’s important to support the body’s detoxification pathways.

We therefore provide the following supportive therapies;

  • Saunas
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Lymphatic Hydrotherapy
  • Massage
  • The Bemer (improves micro-circulation to all tissues)

You can learn more about these therapies on our site.

medicinal herbs and tablets on white background

medicinal herbs and tablets on white background

Supplements & Prescriptions

You will likely need supplements to cover the following;

To address any abnormal results from your lab tests

To support the benefits of the NAD IV Therapy

To support the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys and intestines.

If prescriptions are necessary, the two most common ones are thyroid hormones and bio-identical female hormones but often these can be addressed through supplements.

IV NAD vials

Cost of Our NAD IV Therapy Program

Just to summarized, our program includes the following;

-All lab testing mentioned above

-Ten NAD IVs

-All supplements for the two weeks

-Detoxification therapies

-All Nutrient IVs such as vitamin C if needed

-All oxidative IV therapies if pathogens are an issue

The entire 2 week program is $7,000.

Look around on the Internet to see what other centers are charging and you’ll find we are extremely reasonable.

One final note.  We find that a person’s s success is also predicated on the following;

-They have someone or something which motivates them to be free of medication and drugs

-They have a supportive family and circle of friends

-They have a plan for their future (school, a family or a job they are passionate about)

-They are open and willing to make lifestyle and nutritional changes

-They are willing to take responsibility for their health

-They want to learn more about nutrition, health and the importance of mindfulness

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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