Our Center is founded upon the Truth that every individual possesses a miraculous innate capacity to heal.

This Truth is nothing new and has been the guiding principle practiced by many great physicians throughout the ages.

This Truth is our North Star and all therapies are designed to support this innate physician within each individual.

Below you will find a number of brief video interviews with Dr. Haskell explaining our approach and the various therapies we offer.

If you have questions which these interviews do not answer then please feel free to call 801.875.9292.

Dr. Alexander Haskell, ND
Naturopathic Physician

Lori Clayton, CMT, CHC
Clinical Director

Nature Cure

Truly, the only means of recovering health and vitality is through Nature. Synthetics and chemicals will never provide the body and mind with what’s required for healing.

Causes of Symptoms

Symptoms are the body’s means of communicating to us that something is wrong. Treating symptoms gets us nowhere while addressing causes just makes common sense.

Your Innate Physician

All healing comes from within. You possess an all knowing miraculous intelligence which will, with your assistance, restore your health.

Interviews with Dr. Haskell

“What is your primary philosophy or approach with helping people to recover their health?”
“So you believe there are certain causes of symptoms and disease?”
“How do you see a person’s psychology playing a part with their condition?”
“What do you see to be the primary differences between today’s medical system and your approach?”
“I’ve heard you use the term ‘Nature Cure.’  What does this mean to you?”
“Can you please explain some of the therapies offered at Clear Health?”
“Do you think certain types of people respond better to these therapies than others?”
“What do you say to those who have already tried alternative medicine and were disappointed with the results?”
“What approach is there for chronic bacterial and viral infections like Lyme and Epstein Barr?”
“How much do you rely on lab testing?”
“What is your approach or recommendations around nutrition?”
“Can you describe what a consultation with you is like?”
“Could you tell us about your background and training as a Naturopathic Physician?”
“If a person wants to make an appointment what do they do?”
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